Hi! I'm Victoria! Welcome to my blog, Beautiful Balance.  Here you will find out about my many adventures and help me dive into new ones. You will also discover how I try to keep my balance throughout my wonderfully crazy life. 

Trying to, "balance" college, fitness, work, paying bills, family, friends, traveling, and my dreams, there is always plenty on my plate.


I come from a family of ten mixed siblings and was born in Anchorage, Alaska 19 years ago. I've always been a military brat and have moved 20 times and counting around the world! Moving so much has given me some pretty amazing oppurtunities to explore and has taught me to make the most of everything wherever I am. Currently I'm living in Okinawa, Japan. It's incredibly amazing and there's so many things to explore!


I have an insane amount of passions (exploring being one of them) and I just want to be able to live making a difference with them. Life, I've concluded is a most terrifying yet exciting balance beam. Sometimes you fall, sometimes you enjoy the walk, and sometimes it downright scares you. But there is always a chance to get back up & I've learned that the more you trip...the better your balance becomes. 


I hope my little everyday adventures that I share may help you on The Beautiful Balance Beam of Life. 



                go ahead... check out what beautiful balance I am on right now! 


   WHO AM I   

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