And now we find ourselves. Here.


It all started like it usually does

A squeal

A hug

And then a trail of giggles

Then the two best friends

Took a turn

A wrong turn actually

Into a small unknown town they had never been

Once they were headed on the right road

According to Siri

The night could never be considered normal again

As civilization and wifi faded quicker than the sun could set

They found themselves

Scaring the C R A P out of at least 20 goats

Took the risk of being mooned by two horses

Stealing some stale who knows how old Halloween Cherry and grape bubblegum suckers from a friendly stranger’s home

(thus ignoring all advice about strangers that their mama’s had warned them about growing up)

But this isn’t the first time they would do so

Ended up squishing 4 big personalities in the front of a classic red but well worn and loved pick up truck

Finding themselves in a soulful musical

of being followed by ten more country folk trucks

that kept honking at each other like some kind of truck language

Music blaring

And the Sun's beauty blaring even more

Riding a road unfamiliar to them

Smack dab in the middle of the Alabama & Tennesee border

Realizing that they were in two places at once!

And that anything the world said was impossible seemed even more a possibility

Especially on a mysterious night like tonight

And so they rode on

On && on through roads decorated by the glowing countryside

By a blue sky dancing into a magnificent golden yellow, pink && DARK purple until the full moon was the s t a r out shining all the rest in the sky.

But not the one out shining the stars wandering and adventuring beneath it.

They had never in their lives

Seen one

Of these kind faces

Or ever heard one

Of these or heard of such

Country accents

But they were the sweetest most wonderful people.

As sweet as the air's summer breathe

And flowers that serenaded it

They were all at the same time

Plopped in the middle of N O W H E R E

Yet they kept f i n d i n g themselves.


On the tailgate of a truck encircled by at least five others all

Staring into the bonfire

That was as big as their hearts

Which was actually quite a G I N O U R M O U S thing although they all were young and had small bodies

&& then they f o u n d t h e m s e l v e s

in the peak of the moon light*

which happened to be mysteriously RED with the star’s p a s s i o n

who were hopping through, howling with laughter like wolves do on these nights

BIG dancing straws of grass

the pure kind you can trust and only find on real farms

away from all the bustle of city life, free to grow rampant like they were meant to be

in their own but shared worlds

they f o u n d themselves

trying to follow adventure

with their phone’s flashlights…the only thing phones were good for out here

on a trail they trod and made all their own


their eyes grew big as the moon

as even through the dark they could sense

the magnificent,

ever i N t R i G u I n G,

overgrown with THICK laced branches of all sorts

each plank of wood

the ones left anyways

intertwined and up


with what one of the country boys

echoed across it as

at least a’hundrd feet hi!

by the tree tops

they were in the midst of catching it

A d v e n t u r e almost in their grasp

slipping right through their fingers

but it l-i-n-g-e-r-e-d instead

h ov er ed

over the middle of the bridge


they f o u n d themselves

as only a few dared to go on

the other 20 eyes watching


and then they f o u n d themselves

step by step

breathes stolen

a little shaken

but the two best friends trolling it together

to catch that a d v e n t u r e

giggles again of course

to scare away the hint of fear that tried to prey upon them

and then

just like in the movies

a loose board Flew down to its death

&& a scream

(also sounding like one does in the movies)

as one le a p ed just in time

so she wouldn’t find herself

sw a l l o wed up by what seemed

a very unfriendly








that led s t r a i g h t to

also a very unfriendly and hungry river beneath

but instead

just like the trees

the two friends supported each other with their branches

as they both almost f

e l


and then as they looked up with a tinge of terror but also relief

they found themselves

gazing into one of the boy’s

a red checkered collar shirt

untucked from his levi jeans

and cowboy boots that you could tell had been on many of these


and whose hair had grown out past his ears and swept to the side of his chin

he h e l d

his h a n d

which was the adventure they had been reaching for all this time

his eyes glowing greener than a cat’s does at night

so much so they could see him smile

skinny he was

but also so full

of that same sense of finding himself

in this


whatever this night was called

And the two friends smiling because they had made it

farther than most that night

and then they f o u n d themselves quickly tiptoeing back to safety

hearts b o u n d i n g

especially when “snake!” was yelled

as they pretended to be the Crocodile Hunter

then they full out ran

because apparently a snake bite was worse than plummeting “a hundrid feht hi’”

and then

once they had to catch their breathes

followed the crowd back to the fire

well they made it halfway through until

they realized they kinda had to pee

and they did

squatted right there

this was the real adventure by chance

and one of the girls

having peed on her foot

mistakingly of course

went on a mission to find some napkins

in which she met just about everyone doing so

and they all f o u n d themselves contemplating how deep the word napkin was

and somehow this revelation about how people say the word and where it comes from in the middle of this

im not gonna call it nowhere

because it was definitely a somewhere

and deserves a good bit of credit

despite not even being marked on a map

but yeah they f o u n d that napkins brought them together

and the night led on

where they confessed their love for mangos

danced in snowing ambers from the fire

told secrets

and opinions

and dreams*

and when

the two girls had to head back

even though their hearts longed to linger there

they took the dusty road back

but even then

the night was still young

and so were they

f i n d i n g themselves


from another u n e n d i n g trail of pick ups

full of cuties

with the same accents & flare

using their own pick up lines through the windows in which the friends giggled

and admired their effort

and they fell in love with the heart of this whole shebang

and they rode on into the n i g h t

the driver s werving & dodging every curve & ripple in the road

that he had known so well


f l y i n g ^ hills & c u t ting through trees

branches wizzing past the windows so close they could hear them

FEEL the truck v i brating


a most soulful thing

until they ended back

on the same road with the goats

and an intriguing tire swing

and it was as if the moment they stepped out of the truck, they realized they were heading back into another world from which they came

and they somehow were able to find Publix again

and then there were just the two

the two best friends

still heaving with excitement

the moon much farther a w a y

and they f o u n d themselves

This tim

in a tucked away and lively Mexican restaurant

where the people stayed friendly

(even though they walked in just to use the restroom)

and also seemed

to giggle

at the girls

who smelled of bonfire and

fresh fresh adventure

They f o u n d themselves

making the most unlikely friends again

this time

the aged copper statues resembling amigos of some sort

smiling just outside

welcoming all who enter "Las Trojas"

and then after the two best friends had their laugh

admiring such jubilee beings

they f o u n d themselves

sitting on the bench nearby

catching their breathes

as they had been laughing so hard

that by morning they were sure

they would have abs of steel as strong as their new copper buddies

and then

their breathes just as quickly s t o p p e d

as a butterfly hopped by their feet

down the sidewalk


and they watched in terror in fear for its life

as its left wing lay tattered on its side

and their eyes gaping open in disbelief

and they both gasped

as the little creature


and flew


s oa re d

right past their beaming faces

“It found its wings!”

they couldn’t stop exclaiming it

they about cried

but their eyes were too reddened already from the night of smoke

so instead they just hugged each other

and they felt the whole night at once

and then

in the after midnight hours

they f o u n d themselves

not just sitting on a bench

outside an exotic restaurant

but having gained

whatever this night was

so overjoyed and simply happy

and now we find ourselves.



© 2014 Beautiful Balance.

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