Detox Day Four-Starting the Grind

Today I was finally feeling detox symptoms. As the days previously I was surging with energy until 2 am, today I finally felt tired. The detox symptoms started to set in... headaches, muscle aches, and just fatigue. This is where its time to start the grind and stay the course! Hopefully in the next few days I will feel better and it will be worth it! I realized I had not drank enough water today, so its important to stay hydrated! I was pumped for my workout but after 4 sets of squats I was dizzy and too tired to continue. Its ok to let yourself rest when detoxing! Initially I was beating myself up about it but I realized my body was doing a lot of hard work already helping me heal! Also, if you live in Okinawa, you can miso for extremely cheap! It is full of probiotics and perfect in helping facilitate gut health! Just add a spoonful to hot water and waaaalah! I like to drink it if I am craving something salty as well!


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