Day 3 of a Raw Vegan Detox. Make time for tamagotchi hunting.

Whew! Day three! My energy was through the roofs as day two and day three I stayed up past two in the morning zooming around and cleaning or doing projects. I did have to get a shot for the job I am starting so after that I was a little dizzy and of course this isn't the ideal thing to do when you're trying to detox but I perked up after Tamagotchi hunting. If you don't know what those are, you must have had a sad and lonely and meaningless childhood... nah but these Japanese pocket pets were pretty cool back in the day! My brother, Jayden decided to get one to use with his best friend during class apparently. He's got senioritis so this was perfect in keeping his head out of focusing on his grades even more.

I think its important when doing any kind of transformation to give yourself a breather in life. For me, goofing around with those I love is my getaway. It's easy to shut down and focus solely on yourself... this is after all, for YOUR health and YOUR wellbeing. But don't forget everyday adventures. Don't forget that yes it is important to look forward and move towards the future but today is just as important as tomorrow. Yesterday you were looking towards today right? And now its here. And wherever you are at in your journey, you must still enjoy the moment. If you are detoxing, yes you can improve in ways, but also don't forget that you are already awesome in so many others! Don't loose sight of that! With all that said, here's today's vlog. And today I remembered that even hunting down a Tamagotchi is just as important as eating the right foods.


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