First Step Back on the Balance Beam

After a crazy and emotional past year dealing with Mono, ever changing family dynamics, moving, college life, hormonal issues, and finding my faith again, my body and mind were craving a detox. For the next 30 days I will be writing about my transformation and balancing my way back into the groove of things! Life is hard and confusing at times but it is also so full of never ending adventures and surprises.

I started this detox when I had some time off work so I had time to meal prep, work out, and sleep as much as I needed too! There is so much I can improve on but this post is a start! When you fall off the balance beam, part of the journey is stepping back up right? So here's my first step!

For those looking to detox, I will explain more of what that is in more detail in my next video tomorrow. For now think about reasons why you would consider doing one, even if only for a few days. I am currently struggling with acne and spiking hormones as I am transitioning off birth control. I want clearer skin and my energy to be more level as I rebalance my hormones and body composition. Until tomorrow, I hope you enjoy this video and get a few ideas! Happy Balancing <3


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